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CommScope has been serving the enterprise market for many years. We pride ourselves on developing quality solutions and supporting our customers with top-notch experts and trusted industry advisors. Our advisors have been recognized for their leadership and expertise throughout many industries. One such enterprise leader is Rodney Casteel. He has been with CommScope since 2003 and serves as technical manager for the Enterprise division. 

Rodney is instrumental in providing optical, copper, wireless and intelligent infrastructure design, engineering and technical support for our customers. He also provides high-level pre-sales technical consultation services for the sales team. You may have heard Rodney speak at industry conferences and read some of his technical papers. He holds the designations of Registered Communications Distribution Designer, Network Transport Specialist, and Outside Plant Specialist. 

With all his duties at CommScope, Rodney also serves as chairperson of the Fiber Optics LAN Section (FOLS) of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA). Several weeks ago, Rodney was electedto chair the board for a fifth-consecutive term—a major accomplishment.

We commend Rodney for his participation in the FOLS and for being selected once again to chair the FOLS, because it has played an integral role in helping users and network designers understand the benefits of deploying fiber in customer-owned networks. Rodney is just one example of the trusted advisorsCommScope has to offer to the industry.

We know Rodney will work closely with the TIA staff and other industry manufacturers to develop tools and resources in assisting end-users, consultants and engineers with the decision process, design phase, and deployment of fiber optic networks within the enterprise. If anyone is up to the task, it’s Rodney. Congratulations on your re-election!

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