Connecting with the right fiber optic connector: Part 2

Installers need to have the right fiber connectors to finish a job quickly, in budget and properly for their customer. There are several connector technologies being used in the field today; however, in this blog, Jennifer Duits examines the pros and cons of the splice-on connector compared with its peers and provides you with the knowledge to get you started with minimal investment.

19-Fiber-ConnectorIn my previous blog we talked about time, customer satisfaction and how the right connector technology can meet your project goals. We left off examining the connector technologies side-by-side and the splice-on connector had the lowest number of tradeoffs. When talking about your customer’s satisfaction rate, the splice-on connector could be a key contributor. Let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Minimal installation time
  • Consistent high-performance rate
  • The first pass yield of the termination is high, reducing connector waste
  • Lower insertion loss and improved reflectance compared to the mechanical splice


  • Initial tool kit investment
  • Connectors are slightly more expensive than epoxy/polish connector

This technology combines the convenience and simplicity of field installation with the low-loss performance (compared to mechanical splicing) of fusion splicing.

Like the mechanical splice connector, the splice-on connector comes with a factory pre-polished fiber stub. The difference is the termination is done by joining the field prepared fiber and the pre-polished fiber stub using heat. A fusion splicer is required to perform the termination. Full instructions can be found here.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope's Jennifer Duits explains why the splice-on connector combines the convenience and simplicity of field installation with the low-loss performance of fusion splicing.

No matter your method

Once you decide on the connector, then you need to find the right tools and get comfortable using them. At this point, practice makes perfect and not all manufacturers are equal.

CommScope understands the importance of ease and affordability. We recently added the CommScope Qwik-Fuse splice-on connector and tool kit. The Qwik-Fuse connector is backed by our experience in fiber excellence. The all-inclusive Qwik-Fuse tool kit, including a purpose-built fusion splicer, offers installers an easy-to-use solution for terminating in the field with a lower initial tooling investment. We recognize that the initial investment for a splice on connector can be a hinderance and wanted to make it easier for installers to adapt this technology. That’s why our tool kit is significantly less than the average fusion splice tool kit.

Together, the Qwik-Fuse splice-on connector and tool kit helps installers easily complete projects on time, within budget and with a superior quality to exceed customer expectations. Visit our new Field Installable Connectors Solutions Guide for more information.

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