Creating History with 5G Innovation

Sometimes it’s about less talk and more action. 5TONIC is testing innovations in a real-world ecosystem. Guest blogger Arturo Azcorra shares why the research lab is creating history with 5G innovation.

2018_5Tonic_Blog(Note: The following has been submitted as a guest post to CommScope Blogs by Arturo Azcorra, vice-chairman of 5TONIC and IMDEA Networks director. Opinions and comments provided in this guest post, as with all posts to CommScope Blogs, are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of CommScope.)

It’s an exciting time for 5TONIC. We felt the energy at Mobile World Congress where conversations focused on the Internet of Things and tangible results toward 5G.

As an open research and innovation laboratory, we are constantly focused on the development of future products and services. We’re looking at how robots could one day speak to each other in tomorrow’s factory, the ways wearable technology could save lives, and why sensor technology could reduce human error and improve safety.

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In support of our members, we believe in testing our innovations in a real-world ecosystem, which accelerates everyone’s progress and ensures we’re focused on practical use cases.

OneCell C-RAN small cell solution from CommScope in our laboratory. OneCell forms a “super cell” indoors and eliminates handovers and border interference across large areas, creating a high performing LTE experience for end-users – an approach which has great potential within a 5G network.

It is exciting to see OneCell being deployed by CommScope in real world environments such as smart factories and the technology offers a new way to deliver high-performance mobile services to subscribers in high density venues like stadiums, sports arenas, campuses as well as in mid-to-large enterprises.

While widespread deployment of wireless 5G technology is still a few years off, there is much to be done behind the scenes to ensure mobile networks and operators are ready for the change. But at the same time, it’s thrilling to see examples today of the real possibilities for the future.