Woman-data-center-imageGoogle is leading the charge on “more profound workplace innovation,” according to a recent article in Design Week. The tech giant’s London office has put emphasis on collaboration and social interaction, including ‘design your own meeting rooms,” which are meant to address workplace space shortages and inflexibility.

Millennials are driving this change. Whether it’s connecting with family and friends, streaming content or completing work ‘on the go’, young people place a significant emphasis on connectivity. Companies are looking to Google as an example as they cater to today’s employee and tomorrow’s workplace.

This shift towards connectivity has followed changing expectations – with sports fans, students, employees, doctors and teachers demanding reliable video-on-demand, online gaming, teleworking, live access to social media and e-Health services. As a result, we see a huge opportunity for our partners to deliver superior customer service in the 21st century business environment. Check out this video which showcases how one of our partners is differentiating themselves via the PartnerPro Network.

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Koen ter Linde

As the vice president of sales Europe for the CommScope Enterprise Solutions Division, Koen is responsible for driving sales within the enterprise arena as well as the development and execution of the strategy and programs for both sales and channel operations in Europe. Koen is ultimately responsible for helping enterprise organizations to strategically plan for the future, ensuring that the network infrastructure they install will handle the emerging applications and demands of their future business needs. Koen has almost 15 years industry experience and since joining AT&T in 1996 Koen has held key positions in marketing, before moving to Atlanta, USA to work at Lucent Technologies Network Products HQ, as market manager EMEA in 1997. He returned to the Netherlands in 2000 to head up Lucent Technologies’  SYSTIMAX enterprise market as sales director Netherlands, before becoming managing director Northern Europe for the Connectivity Solutions division under Avaya in 2001. The following year Koen was given responsibility for the Western European region after the acquisition of the SYSTIMAX business from Avaya by CommScope in 2004. Prior to joining AT&T he held a number of sales and marketing roles in Philips Netherlands and Bayer Germany. In addition to his business and finance qualifications, Koen holds a bachelor of economics degree in international business and management from HAN University in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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Dustin DeTorres Tuesday, May 09, 2017 6:27 PM

Great customer service is hard; really hard in fact. Nothing generates more negative perception about a company than a bad customer service experience.

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