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Linda_headshot Linda Zhang August 6, 2015

Best_in_Cabling_Jiangxi_Keyi_High_Tech_1Many people believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I believe you can find beauty in many things, including cabling. In our industry, we see beauty in cabling and proper installations.

In China, we decided to see just how much beauty there is in aesthetically-pleasing cable installations, so we held our first Best Cabling Installation Contest. We solicited photographs of outstanding cabling installation projects from many of our business partners throughout China on our Weibo and WeChat (QR code below) social media platforms.

We were pleased to see that more than 40 business partners submitted high-quality cabling installation project photographs. Our panel of experts judging this “beauty contest” had their work cut out for them. They reviewed all the photographs singling out the ten best. Then we asked our followers on Weibo and WeChat to choose the winners of Most Popular Cabling Installation and Best Cabling Installation categories.

More than 40,000 votes were submitted for these two categories and the winners are:

Best_in_Cabling_Jiangxi_Keyi_High_Tech_2Jiangxi Keyi High-Tech Co., Ltd., which received the Most Popular Cabling Installation award for its “Dispatching Building and Computer Room, Nanchang Power Supply” image.

Best_in_Cabling_Wuxi_Host_Computer_RoomDDI Cabling Solutions Shanghai Co., Ltd., which received the Best Cabling Installation award for its “Wuxi Host Computer Room, Clearing Center, People’s Bank of China” image.

During the three-month contest, many of our business partners provided high quality and enhanced installation standards to their customers. This has always been a goal of ours and the contest also provided us with a platform for displaying outstanding work from our business partners.

We are truly grateful for the all the entries that our business partners sent in to us, and are also grateful to the clients who let them share their installation masterpieces.

Do you have an idea or question about best practices in high quality cabling installation? I encourage you to leave me a comment, and will be happy to reply.

Congratulations to this year’s “Beauty of Cabling” winners and we look forward to hosting another cabling beauty contest in the near future.


About the Author


Linda Zhang

Linda Zhang is channel sales director of North Asia for CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solution for communications networks. Ms. Zhang is responsible for executing GC channel strategy and policy, managing channel’s healthiness and working business growth through run-rate channel program. Ms. Zhang first join AT&T as Technical Consultant, SCS (Structure Cabling System) Department in 1993, having worked in Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. In 1997, she assumed the position of North Region Sales Directors, Lucent China, which she support to built up local distributor network for SYSTIMAX in China. In 2000, she took on the position of general manager, Data Networking Department for Avaya China, where she set up sales team and channel network to achieved fastest year-over-year growth in Avaya globally. In 2003, Ms. Zhang assumed the position of channel general manager, Avaya China Ltd., where she lead Avaya channel to achieve average more than 30 percent year-over-year growth of sales revenue. In 2010, Ms. Zhang joined CommScope. Ms. Zhang has been awarded the 2002 Leader’s Council Award  / Avaya Global and the Partner Sales Person of the Year in 2011 for CommScope APAC Sales. Ms. Zhang received her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Power Automation System Dept. from Tsing Hua University in 1988. She also studied in Computer Information from Paris 6 University, France from 2002-2003.