Do You Have Confidence In Your Data Center Capacity Plan?

David_O. Headshot David Oldenbuttel May 14, 2014

Data Center Capacity

You don’t have to look very hard to find numerous industry reports and customer stories discussing the challenges organizations encounter with regards to planning, managing and meeting future requirements for their data center. For managers, keeping track of thousands of assets and understanding how best to use them has quickly extended beyond what manual processes can support. As proof, in their 2013 Data Center Industry Survey, the Uptime Institute estimates that approximately 20 percent of servers in data centers are outdated, obsolete or unused. Compounded with the challenges of planning for space and power, you can readily see that an organized, holistic view and plan is needed to support future business requirements without wasted expense.

During this year’s Uptime Institute Symposium in Santa Clara, California, Nathan Benton, vice president of technical sales for CommScope, will provide details on how various components that directly affect capacity can be brought together and managed holistically. The latest advancements in DCIM software solutions are giving better visibility and control to data center managers. In addition to DCIM capabilities, “on-demand” or “purpose-built” data centers can quickly give managers additional capacity with much greater efficiency than what is found in legacy environments. These modular-based designs can be deployed in just a few weeks instead of the years required for traditional brick and mortar data centers.

I think you’ll find that Nathan’s presentation will definitely address the Uptime Symposium’s core theme of “Empowering the Data Center Professional.” The need to enable data center professionals to address capacity requirements for their data centers is greater than ever. Nathan’s presentation will take place Thursday, May 22 at 2:00 p.m. PDT in Grand Ballroom C. Additionally, please stop by CommScope booth #207 to see how we are helping organizations meet future challenges with confidence.

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