Do You Know The Ethernet Alliance?

FrankYang-headshot Frank Yang July 13, 2011

The recent Technology Exploration Forum (TEF) on Next Generation 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Interconnect Specification held in Santa Clara, CA marks another successful event for the Ethernet Alliance. I attended the forum, at which attendees discussed thoughts and opinions on next generation 100GbE over backplane and single-mode and multimode fiber. I also sat on one of the panels. My presentation focused on applying the Living Infrastructure approach, analyzing customer needs and practices, and providing data and thoughts on next generation technologies with the goal of helping customers make optimal design choices today while helping them evolve to new technologies tomorrow.

For those who do not know what the Ethernet Alliance is and what it does, the Ethernet Alliance was founded in 2005 and is a community that is focused on promoting the Ethernet eco-system from consumer to enterprise, from low to high speed, and from components to systems. In my opinion, the Ethernet Alliance brings two key values to the industry: educational information via white papers, TEF and webinars, and interoperability testing opportunities in a multi-vendor environment (a.k.a. plug-fests). The Ethernet Alliance is not a standards body; it is, however, a community that supports the adoption of the ratified Ethernet standards. It is a forum to explore, learn and influence any future Ethernet standards.

Cabling infrastructure is also an important part of the Ethernet eco-system. The Ethernet Alliance created the Next Generation Enterprise Cabling subcommittee. It is a platform for the exchange of data relative to cabling deployment models, applications, cable reaches, etc., and also explores ideas and information on next generation enterprise cabling technologies. I’m serving as the marketing chair of this subcommittee and in the video below, I speak about how this new subcommittee is an important forum and venue for vendors and customers to get together and share ideas.

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Frank Yang

Frank Yang is manager, Market Strategy Development, for the ISP Fiber business unit of CommScope. Frank leads the market strategy development for data center, central office and enterprise campus markets. Prior to CommScope, Yang worked at Dell and was responsible for server hardware development. He serves as Marketing Chair for Next Generation Enterprise Cabling Subcommittee of Ethernet Alliance. He received a Master of Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University, and has several patents, articles, white papers and publications under his name. Frank is a frequent speaker at various global and national level opportunities, for example, Data Center Summit, Ethernet Technology Summit, OFC conference, the Ethernet Alliance’s Technology Exploration Forum, Cable Installation and Maintenance (CI&M) Webinars, BICSI conference, etc. Frank holds CloudU, Cisco Certified Network Design Professional (CCDP) and Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certificates.