Does "Black Mirror" Give Society Black Marks?

Technology is all around us. Here at CommScope, we really do like it that way. But recently we hosted a discussion on our Facebook page about its potential saturation point. And yes, the chat was based on a popular TV show. Take a look.

Black Mirror 360x203The popular Netflix series, “Black Mirror,” has been around for a few years. Given what we do for a living here at CommScope, I have a newfound appreciation for this show. It takes technology and humankind – and puts both together in great, wonderful, scary and thought-provoking ways.

We recently went to our Facebook community to have a live discussion on this topic. Specifically, we talked about two episodes: “Nosedive” and “The Entire History of You.”

At what point is there such a thing as too much connectivity? Where does it all start to be an invasion of privacy? Are we already at a saturation point?

Look, at CommScope we’re all about connectivity. It’s our livelihood. But this show has brought a lot of us into a great discussion on the future of technology.

What do you think? Watch a recorded version of our Facebook LIVE, and let us know.