Earth Day the CommScope Way

On April 22, people around the world will celebrate Earth Day 2019. Zuzi Pospechova shares how CommScope continues to promote sustainability every day of the year, not just on Earth Day.

19_Earth_Day_EktronAs concern about the health of our planet grows, people around the globe are thinking more and more about how they can act in environmentally sustainable ways. For years, CommScope has promoted a host of sustainability initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases by conserving water, power, and use of hazardous materials while finding new ways to reuse waste. We also adopted a total lifecycle perspective on the environmental impact of our products—not just when they are manufactured, but before and after they pass through our hands.

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Traditionally, we have been focused on reducing the impacts our plants and manufacturing processes have on the environment, and we are proud to say much progress has been made: emissions have been cut, water and power usage have been reduced and hazardous materials have been replaced with greener alternatives.

At CommScope, we dedicate the entire month of April to celebrate Earth Day and raise sustainability awareness. Each year we align with the theme announced by the Earth Day Network -- Earth Day 2019 theme is Protect Our Species -- and encourage our employees to take environmentally-friendly steps in their individual lives by hosting an annual Earth Day contest.

Employees are invited to submit an original creative piece of artwork, essay, music or song, photograph, poem, PowerPoint presentation or video, in each case describing their idea for facilitating positive environmental change, either on a personal/family basis or at the community or facility level. Suggestions come in from CommScope employees at facilities around the world. There were dozens of ideas submitted in 2018, and we are actively promoting best practices for how employees can help protect the environment at work, at home and when traveling.

Naturally, our efforts are intended for year-round behavior, not just for Earth Day. The key takeaway is that minor lifestyle changes can have major impacts if a large percentage of the population makes those changes. At CommScope, we believe strongly in environmental sustainability, and our Earth Day contest is just one of the ways we encourage sustainable behavior. For more information, please visit our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability site.

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