Everybody’s Talking DAS

Missed this week’s DAS in Action event in New Orleans? CommScope’s Mike Shumate talks about DAS trends at the show in this video.

In various organizational forms, CommScope’s Distributed Coverage and Capacity Solutions team has been intimately involved in DAS for almost 20 years. They introduced an optical distributed in-building DAS back in 1994 for GSM operators. Today, the DCCS team reports that DAS are the subject of heightened interest in the wireless industry, as operators continue to seek and deploy solutions for rising capacity demands. Evidence for the increased interest exists in the number of DAS events occurring these days.

When once there were only one or two specific DAS events a year, now there are two events in two consecutive weeks. CommScope was at DAS in Action: New Orleans this week, and will be at the DAS & Small Cells Congress in Las Vegas next. In this video, Mike Shumate, vice president of business operations, DCCS, reports from DAS in Action about what is driving the interest in DAS and CommScope’s latest DAS solution, the ION-U.