Fiber to Me

The promise of FTTx is finally being fulfilled for millions broadband subscribers. Jim Hulsey explains how those involved in FTTx design, installation and project maintenance can expand their knowledge by taking the Infrastructure Academy’s FTTX Broadband Solution course.

Fiber to MeWe have all heard about how the various Fiber-to-the-X___ (fill in the blank) technologies are going to change the way we live, work and play. I personally believe that, for many years, there was more promise and hype in the market than real results.

I purchased the first home in a new neighborhood 15 years ago. Being first has its advantages and disadvantages. That spring, my cable television provider decided to dig up my new lawn and deploy fiber-to-the-curb for future broadband service expansion. Two months later, after my lawn was finally recovered, my telephone company shows up and tells me they are going to deploy fiber-to-the-curb for future communications services expansion as well. Once again, my lawn took another beating.

Years passed and little changed with my broadband or my telephone service-it was more promise than reality. A few years back my broadband service began to show some fruit from that fiber planting years earlier. And today my broadband service options are dramatically better-HDTV, On-Demand programs, high-speed Internet, VOIP, texting, Wi-Fi, home security, etc. Today, my family consumes about 150GB of these broadband services every month for a price that is slightly more than my first car payment-yes, it's worth every penny. The promise of FTTx is finally being fulfilled for me and millions of other broadband subscribers.

At CommScope, we have had a lot to do with creating FTTx technology for the broadband industry. We've also had a lot to do with training the same industry on installation, safety and best practices. If you are involved in the design, installation or project management of broadband networks, I have a fantastic suggestion for you. Go to the CommScope Infrastructure Academy and take course SP1030 - CommScope FTTX Broadband Solutions. You will be glad you did.