Generation Alpha Are Shaping Tech Spending

We all know how Millennials rely on connectivity and technology. When Millennials have kids, that generation will be known as Generation Alpha. Their thirst for connectivity will almost be part of their lives from the moment they are born. In this blog, Melissa Strait explains how connectivity will be important for Generation Alpha.

2019_GenAlphaJust as Millennials and Generation X ahead of them, Generation Alpha (Gen Alpha) is entering the scene and latching onto the newest technology. In 2050, the oldest of Generation Alpha (who will turn 40 then) are predicted to be 35 million strong and all those born to this generation will number almost two billion. Gen Alpha (starting in 2010 and continuing until 2025) are primarily children of Millennials. This much-hyped “me” generation is shaping its tiny offspring into…well, “Mini Mes.”

Millennials are in their peak spending years right now and they are spending a lot on their kids. Perhaps because they are the generation to be most affected by divorce, they value family more than career or financial success and that means Gen Alpha are influencing buying habits while they are still in diapers.

Already, kindergarteners are being assigned iPads in the classrooms. Toddlers are comfortable posing for selfies and want to grab mom’s phone to look at YouTube videos or play Lego video games. Even coloring books come with an app you can download to make scribbles come to life. Tiny voices chirp demands to Alexa or Google Home and they get results instantly. Alphas know they are important…hundreds of selfies, starring roles in iPhone video clips, and a digital assistant that can play them music on demand.

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Generational naming is typically a Western signifier with roots in the United States, but shifts in global population, especially in India and China, will especially affect this generation gap. Gen Alpha will be more connected globally as a community and these kids in developing countries will shed tradition for technology. Connectivity and commerce through technology will fuel growth for developing countries and provide economic opportunities for Alphas.

Already an entrepreneurial generation (with young YouTube personalities bringing in adult paychecks), this generation will be more successful because of more information available and time to fail, learn and try again.

If the internet is a tool for older generations and a lifestyle for Millennials, then it is just as important for Gen Alpha. They expect a strong always-there network connection just like we expect water, plumbing, and electricity. No matter what generation you are a part of, being connected will always be important.

Because connectivity is what we do, we’re proud to say that CommScope is powering the present and empowering the future. So, let’s shape the future together.

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