Getting to Know our Fiber Acronyms

Marcus Ash 7-12-16 Marcus Ash September 29, 2016

FTTA-logoAs a society we are always looking for our information as soon as possible (ASAP). One way we do this is to give things acronyms to make them easier to remember, easier to spell and, of course, quicker to type. Unfortunately the meaning of these acronyms does not always get passed along with them. I have run into this situation a number of times when talking to people outside of CommScope, and especially to people outside off the industries we serve. Unexplained acronyms are a great way to confuse and derail a conversation.

For the sake of clarity, here is a list of 18 acronyms and abbreviations we like to use at CommScope when talking about our wireless fiber to the antenna (FTTA) solutions:

  • FTTA: Fiber to the antenna
  • RRU: Remote Radio Unit
  • BBU: Base Band Unit
  • Hybrid: Fiber and power conductors bundled into one cable (requires a junction point before interfacing with an RRU/BBU)
  • Discrete: Stand alone fiber or power cable (requires a junction point before interfacing with an RRU/BBU)
  • Direct: Hybrid cable with a sealed assembly breakout (no junction point required before interfacing with an RRU)
  • Trunk: Cable routing from BBU to RRU
  • Tail: Jumper cable that typically runs from a junction point to the RRU or BBU
  • DLC: Dual LC interface fiber connector (2 fibers in one connector)
  • 3X6: 6 power conductors (three -48v and three RTN) and 12 fibers
  • 6X6: 12 power conductors (six -48v and six RTN) and 12 fibers
  • DFJ-2SM-: Discrete Fiber Jumper – 2 single mode fibers (the beginning of a CommScope part number)
  • DPT-1208-: Discrete Power Trunk – 12x8 AWG power conductors (the beginning of a CommScope part number)
  • HFT412-2S-: Hybrid Fiber Tray cable - 4x12 AWG power conductors - 2 single mode fibers (the beginning of a CommScope part number)
  • eCatalog: On-line product catalog (spec sheets, installation instructions, related product recommendations, etc.)
  • RTN: Return
  • AWG: American Wire Gauge

That should be just enough to make you—and me—dangerous, LOL. That means “Laugh Out Loud” if you are not up on your texting acronyms. Maybe that can be my next list. In the meantime, let me know if I missed any for FTTA.

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Marcus Ash 7-12-16

Marcus Ash

Marcus Ash is a fiber product analyst at CommScope, responsible for product information, training documentation, field installation support and marketing material creation for HELIAX FiberFeed. He previously worked in Field Engineering Services, providing on-site support for the installation of all RF products. Prior to CommScope, Marcus worked for over 20 years as an Andrew Institute instructor, training field crews on the proper installation and testing of Andrew Corporation’s RF products. He is certified in multiple field testing equipment.