Google Home and IoT for Beginners

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all the buzz, and home-centered use is an exciting area of development. In this blog post, Melissa Strait talks about her IoT experiences in the form of Google Home. The video shows her using the smart device, while the post links to related resources including the CommScope “Connected and Efficient Buildings” eBook.

The Internet of Things (IoT)—which I think of as how smart devices talk to each other—is all the buzz. My Google Home device talks to my Pandora stations well enough, but if I ask it to play ‘music’ instead of ‘radio,’ it just can’t connect the dots. If it’s too noisy in the room, my soft voice can get lost in the confusion. My husband’s booming voice is easily recognized. Even with those struggles, a busy mom like myself loves the convenience it offers.

In our house, Google Home is basically a hands-free stereo system. I can adjust the volume and change stations per my “Okay Google” request. I check the weather and set timers while cooking. Though I don’t use it for much else, it represents a revolution in smart technology. And it has enabled many a dance party with my family.

2016 capped off a year when IoT technology became more integrated in our daily lives. IoT is life’s personal assistant, and home-centered use is an exciting area of home development.

A recent article published on CIO listed the Top 5 Internet of Things Trends of 2016. Along with connected cars and homes, IoT is effecting everything from the workplace, retail, energy management, city planning and more. It starts with one product, one house and one person at a time.

Once we reach the IoT tipping point, when billions of such devices are installed in homes and offices around the globe, all that data traffic will have a big impact on communications networks. Being ready to support all that extra traffic is part of network evolutions going on now. CommScope offers our best practices for IoT in the Connected and Efficient Buildings e-book. The e-book also includes lots of useful information about other network technologies for inside buildings. Download your free copy now.

In the meantime, I’ll continue talking using my Google Home for fun and convenience. Are you using a home IoT device yet?