Holiday traditions and New Year’s resolutions: warm and fuzzies

Kris-Kozamchak-thumbnail-12-15 Kris Kozamchak December 24, 2015

When I think about the holidays, I get a warm feeling inside. Why? It’s not because I’m sitting beside the fire roasting marshmallows for s’mores. It’s because there are so many traditions and memories that make me look back at the previous year and think about all the good things that happened. But even before the holidays are over, I must start thinking about my New Year’s resolutions which also gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling.

The same applies in the business world. This is the time of year that we look back and pat ourselves on the back for our accomplishments. We reminisce about the new customers that are using our products. We break out in a grin when visions of new features and applications come to mind. Our eyes light up when we look at our colleagues and think about all the good times we’ve had brainstorming unique ways to reach new markets.

Then we spend the last months of the year closing deals, planning budgets and designing products for the next year. We hover over spreadsheets and update our CRM databases. We prepare to launch new products and spread the good news to our stakeholders.

At CommScope, it is no different. Looking back over the past year, we’ve been busy. The acquisition of TE Connectivity’s enterprise, telecom and wireless business, as well as Airvana with its innovative OneCell solution, brings an expanded portfolio and talented people to our company. We’ve announced many new products that enable businesses to reach new markets, increase revenue and remain competitive. From the revolutionary WideBand Multimode Fiber for increased bandwidth needs to the Optical PIM tester to help operators identify interference, and from new tools for our global PartnerPro Network to showcasing exciting new customers such as Finland’s CSC, our year was busy and filled with joy.

And to top it all off, like the whipped cream and marshmallows in my hot cocoa, our efforts over the past year were recognized by the industry with several awards including two recent awards in China for cabling and data center as well as a couple of Innovator awards and Leadership awards. Yes, our year was filled with accomplishment.

As we look to 2016 and make our plans, we know that innovation, agility and integrity will play a key role in everything we do since these are our core values. We also know that the market is developing and changing at a rapid pace, which pushes our customers to explore new ways of delivering services to their customers.

So although I would love to make a few New Year’s resolutions or promises, I will just say, “Stay tuned this year!”

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Kris Kozamchak

Kris Kozamchak is director of corporate communications at CommScope based in Richardson, Texas. She oversees the media, analyst and social media programs for CommScope’s business segments. Kris has more than 20 years of experience in the telecom and technology industry from companies such as BT and NEC, and she bring strong PR agency knowledge from her time at Edelman and Shandwick.  Kris has a bachelor’s degree in public relations and business from West Virginia Wesleyan and is a member of PRSA.