Hot Topics in Wireless Networks

On the cutting-edge of any technological industry are numerous questions yet to be answered. Two unanswered questions in the wireless industry involve the deployment of small cells and 5G. Today’s blog post includes a video interview with Mike Wolfe about small cells, as discussed at the recent LTE North America trade show, and a link to new content about 5G in Asia.

Two things stood out to me at LTE North America in Dallas, Texas last week: small cells and 5G. I heard those words a lot and saw a number of presentations and panels related to them. Questions remain to be answered for both subjects. Will small cell deployments accelerate rapidly in the near future? If so, where and how and by whom? What about 5G? Who will define it first? And who will deploy it first?

On the cutting-edge of any technological industry are numerous questions like these yet to be answered. Helping our customers answer them is what we try to do at CommScope. Providing a brief summary of LTE North America in this new video interview is Mike Wolfe, director of wireless network engineering, Americas. Mike talks about what CommScope featured at the show, the challenges of deploying small cells and the antenna technology CommScope is developing for them.

For those of you with questions about 5G, particularly in Asia, register to download this new 5G Evolution supplement from TelecomAsia called “In Search of 5G.” Philip Sorrells, vice president of strategic marketing, contributed an article and Navin Vohra, vice president of wireless sales in Asia Pacific and India, answered questions for the issue. Navin explains 5G standards and the need for essential spectrum in creating a 5G platform in the region. The supplement includes commentary from other industry leaders as well. 5G is not just an open question in North America or Asia, but around the globe.

And how about you? What are your expectations for small cells and 5G? What questions do you still need answered?