How Are We Investing in the Earth’s and Our Children’s Future?

SM1_8246_new_Blog Rick Aspan September 8, 2014

CorpResponsibilityMost folks would love the ability to peer into the future and accurately predict the outcome of events far down the road. Unless you’ve got some hidden superpowers, this isn’t happening. Your crystal ball is as cloudy as mine.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have questions about tomorrow and beyond. In fact, at CommScope, we ask ourselves key business questions every day so that we can become a better company. One major area of our focus—and future questions—is Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability. What will the future say about CommScope? What legacy will we leave to our children?

We don’t know the specific answers to those questions, of course, but we have a good indication based on a year’s worth of activities, projects, volunteerism, and investment in the area of responsibility and sustainability, as highlighted in the just-released 2013 CommScope Sustainability Report.

The 2013 report, titled “Investing in Our Future,” provides a detailed look at CommScope’s efforts and progress to help make the world a better place today and, more importantly, in the future. It tackles the questions of our future by capturing the essence of our long-term commitment to:

  • The people we employ
  • The customers we serve
  • The communities in which we operate
  • The resources we use
  • The technologies we produce
  • The future we are creating together

    sustainabilityreport2(1)As described in the report, our overall Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability program has three key pillars: Ethics and Governance; People and Community; and Environment, Health and Safety. To help track our progress and drive continual improvement in these areas, we adopted four objectives based on the management systems according to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS).

    Our first-year results show great promise:

    Objective #1—Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% before 2020.

    Result—By January 2014, we reduced our GHG by 49% from the 2008 baseline—achieving our goal six years ahead of schedule.

    Objective #2—Achieve a 5% reduction in major reportable injury rate by the end of 2013.

    Result—Goal achieved.

    Objective #3—Achieve 95% beneficial reuse by the end of 2014.

    Result—We are on target to achieve this goal.

    Objective #4—Achieve a 5% reduction in restricted and lost workday rate by the end of 2013.

    Result—We fell short of this objective in 2013, but are redoubling our efforts to hit the target in 2014.

    We are proud of all that the global CommScope team has done for the environment, their communities, our business and our customers. Our focus on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability has never been higher, yet it is a long-term story that is in its early chapters. Take a look at our efforts and global story as detailed in our new 2013 report. CommScope sees tremendous potential for producing sustainable ideas and solutions that will make future generations happier and healthier. We think you’ll agree.

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    Rick Aspan

    Rick Aspan, APR, is vice president of Corporate Communications at CommScope. A former journalist, he has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications functions in the telecom, internet and networking industries at companies such as MCI, Ameritech and Tellabs.