How Customers Drive Our Inspiration

Jaxson_Lang Jaxon Lang October 18, 2017

ebook360X203Does anyone read printed books anymore? With the advent of electronics, you might be hard-pressed to find someone who has a page bookmarked on their nightstand. But on the other hand, the advent of electronics – and the sheer demand for them – makes us good at what we do at CommScope.

We’re pleased to offer a new eBook: “The FTTX Case Study Series.” Each chapter in this book offers a different example of how our customers have helped us become more innovative. The book tells how we helped standardize a company’s network after several mergers, and how we trained fiber optic technicians on an ambitious broadband rollout, among other things.

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Each chapter tells a story we’re proud to share. And we couldn’t have done it without our customers. Take a look at the new eBook and check out this video for more information about how customers inspire our innovation.

About the Author


Jaxon Lang

Jaxon Lang in senior vice president of Connectivity Solutions at CommScope. During his 22-year career within the communications industry, Jaxon Lang has held a variety of positions with increasing responsibility in sales, market management, operations, new product engineering, and product management for US and global markets.  Prior to the acquisition by CommScope, he was vice president and general manager with responsibility for all product and service development, manufacturing and sales for the Central & North American Telecom & Enterprise markets.  Prior to that, he served as vice president of Global Connectivity Solutions, Americas for ADC.  He was promoted to that position after serving as vice president of Structured Cable Product Management, where he had responsibility for the company’s global enterprise strategy. Jaxon holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental engineering from Northwestern University and a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management.