How Deutsche Telekom is Growing its Network

Europe’s largest telecommunications company is ramping up its network to enhance user experience and increase LTE coverage across Germany. Guest blogger Andreas Cyprian delves into how CommScope is helping Deutsche Telekom grow the network.

DT cityThe following blog post has been provided by Andreas Cyprian, head of Infrastructure & Property for Deutsche Telekom. As with all CommScope-hosted blog posts, any opinions or comments below are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of CommScope.

Deutsche Telekom has come out on top as the fastest network for 4G in Germany, according to Open Signal. The award winning service provider is dedicated to enhancing user experience through fixed-network and wireless telecommunications. For wireless customers, this means providing more coverage for more bands, particularly in dense urban areas where service gaps can occur as a result of the terrain, as well as dispersed urban areas. We also need to support a number of technologies (2G, 3G and LTE) and an ever-expanding range of frequency bands.

Broadening coverage is the main priority for our LTE strategy and Deutsche Telekom has accumulated almost 300 new mobile base stations to cover gaps, adding about 163,000 customers to our LTE network.

As we lay the foundation for next generation 5G networks, we have increased coverage across Germany to 94.4 percent. The aim is to deploy an additional 9,000 base stations by 2021, taking us within a hair’s breadth of 100 percent coverage nationwide. Watch this short video to uncover how Deutsche Telekom and CommScope got creative with our antenna deployments.

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Shrinking the antenna footprint

The challenge for Deutsche Telekom has always been expanding the network without creating a rooftop forest of antennas all over the landscape. Deutsche Telekom found a solution in CommScope’s newest generation of base station antennas. We collaborated with the communications infrastructure leader to devise a compact hepta-band antenna that would support these bands and technologies in a single antenna with a modest footprint. This means we use fewer antennas, upgrade existing sites to increase performance and continue to lay the foundation for next generation networks.

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Given our previous success with CommScope, we collaborated on developing an innovative solution which would maximize our network investment and build a bridge to next generation technologies.

We’ve counted on CommScope’s expertise in the past, and this is just the latest example of their responsive approach to providing smart solutions. To learn more about the project, readers can watch this short video describing how the new antenna is guaranteeing the best quality, performance, size and economy for the growing Deutsche Telekom network.