How Do You Define an Efficient Data Center?

How efficiency is measured in the data center is very subjective. It is capacity management? Or time-to-revenue to deploy new services? Maybe asset lifecycle management? Dave Tanis takes a look at opportunities for data center professionals to take a holistic view of data center efficiency.

Data_Center_imageWe hear it all the time. “I want my data center to run more efficiently.” Or “What solutions do you have that will drive efficiency?” What we assume is that everyone has the same definition of efficient and that their measurement of success is the same.

When it comes to data centers, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some may only consider the amount of power and cooling being used. Others think it’s all about using whitespace. Several will focus on the processing and network connectivity.

In our recently published paper, The Connected and Efficient Data Center,” we take a look at how data center owners and managers need to think differently, more holistically, about what constitutes efficiency.

For example, if the focus is on power and cooling, which typically represents 25 to 40 percent of a data center’s monthly OpEx, then 60 to 70 percent of costs are somewhere else in the business.

The costs for cooling and power may be high because of the estimated 15 percent of servers that either unused or underutilized. Or the fact that asset management isn’t seen as part of an efficient data center, so there are “ghost” servers that are not being used yet are still drawing power and incurring software license fees.

Modern tools such as data center infrastructure management (DCIM) and automated infrastructure management (AIM) are available making it easier to manage the growing complexities of the data center. From power and cooling to network connectivity to capacity management, data center professionals now have greater visibility and insight into how their data centers are performing - providing a more holistic view of their data center.

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