How Far Can You Advance Data Centers?

Bryn Jones' blogs about how consumer and business technologies are disrupting old ways of thinking, helping modern workers spend more time on what they were hired to do. At London’s Data Centre World, 12-14 April, CommScope will join industry leaders and customers to discuss how they can prepare for the future today.

Data_Centre_WorldE-mail is so 1999. The average worker whose job involves handling information spends more than half their time at the office communicating about their work, and less than one-third of their time actually doing the job they were hired to do, according to a recent article in the Financial Times.

Modern office workers, including my colleagues at CommScope, want to cut down on e-mails and make communications more efficient. We use tools like Chatter and Skype for Business to share internal documents and quickly get answers from around the globe. New messaging platforms like Facebook at Work and Slack are also gaining traction in today’s office environment.

Welcome to the 21st century

Our customers are facing similar trends in the data center world. Many come to us because they’re juggling multiple systems which don’t speak the same language. Their customers’ appetite for quality and convenience are placing huge demands on their communications infrastructure. Banks, universities, airports, hospitals, you name it, are ready for tomorrow’s data center – today.

Next week we’ll join industry leaders and customers to talk about how they can prepare for the future now. The technology is here. We can cut down on mundane tasks and spend more time doing what we love. We’ll be discussing how the following technologies disrupt old ways of thinking:

Don’t get stuck in the past. We’re here to help you figure out how to think differently, more holistically and about what constitutes efficiency.

Come visit us at Data Centre World, 12-14 April at Booth L30.