How Online Shopping Impacts the Data Center

tim_headshot_ektron Tim Takala October 16, 2018

Online_Shopping_CommScopeThe internet is buzzing with online shoppers. eBay was one of the world’s first global online marketplaces, paving the way for companies like Amazon, which is expected to generate 50 percent of all e-commerce sales by 2021. Chinese e-commerce and superstore operator Alibaba is setting the place for technological innovation by merging e-commerce with brick-and-mortar retailing for their FashionAI concept store.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope's Tim Takala gives you a behind the scenes look what happens to the data center when an online booking or purchase is made.

As retailers seek to enhance the customer experience, we’re seeing more brands converting sales directly from social media platforms. This emerging trend is called social shopping. With millions of online transactions happening daily, machines are sensing, analyzing and transmitting mission-critical information in milliseconds.

Watch the video below for a behind the scenes look what happens to the data center when an online booking or purchase is made.

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Tim Takala

As Vice President of Field Application Engineering in Asia Pacific, Tim Takala heads up a team of engineers focused on providing customer technical assistance. Tim also spends time working with consultants, system integrators, and end users on solution developments.Tim has been working in the telecommunications industry with CommScope for 21 years. Beginning his career in Research and Development as the Laboratory and Technical Manager for Asia Pacific in Australia, Tim has worked throughout the region in support of new product developments. Transferred to the United States in 2000, Tim spent 5 years as the Technical Director for the Americas region overseeing the development of cable and connectivity products. A regular speaker at industry events, Tim is also the author of several industry white papers, application reports and articles on structured cabling technologies. He also holds several industry patents. Currently based in Singapore, Tim studied Industrial and Mechanical Engineering at the Sydney Institute of Technology and is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer through BICSI.