How the U.S. Wireless Industry Could Save $5 Million

Chris Stockman--thumbnail 2 Chris Stockman May 4, 2017

A small piece of metal could save the U.S. wireless industry up to $5 million. The metal is CommScope’s new SnapStak Plus cable hanger. The serious cost-savings come from the total amount of time saved during installation. Approximately five million cable hangers are installed in the U.S. annually, and the unique design of the SnapStak Plus saves about one minute of install time each. That’s about $5 million in total cost savings—all thanks to this small piece of metal. Plus, with the SnapStak Plus, operators will also no longer need to purchase, inventory and install grommets to adapt hangers to different cable diameters. The SnapStak Plus already accommodates different cable sizes. To see how easy they are to use, check out this video. If you have questions or want to learn more, leave me a comment.

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Chris Stockman--thumbnail 2

Chris Stockman

Chris Stockman has worked in wireless communications for over 20 years with Commscope. In this time he’s had responsibilities in a range of functions supporting customer connectivity solutions from project management of site construction to manager of installer training and product management. Chris is currently the product line director for HELIAX Installation accessories and small cables and supports the worldwide development of small cell connectivity solutions. He holds a bachelor's degree in business and technology and an MBA from Keller Graduate School.