How to speed up cell site deployments

Jared-Haines-headshot Jared Haines October 1, 2017

Cell sites are changing. Advances in technology are enabling the creation of increasingly innovative and efficient equipment such as multi-purpose cabinets and modular expansion capabilities. Technology that once occupied an entire building can now be installed in a few high-efficiency outdoor cabinets.

That’s good, because network operators have an increased need to install equipment quickly to meet demands for bandwidth. Smaller equipment can help speed deployment, but CommScope is going a step further with the Integrated Platform Deployment Solution.

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The Integrated Platform Deployment Solution is a configurable steel platform that is pre-assembled in the factory with the base of tower equipment. A CommScope integrated platform can include some or all of the following cell site components:

  • Steel platform
  • Cabinets, power plant, surge suppression, etc.
  • Integrated load center
  • Coaxial cable, conduit, fiber
  • Generator
  • Batteries

CommScope’s cell site experts integrate the equipment into a site-ready solution and deliver it with consolidated shipping. Tower crews only need to install the top of tower equipment. The entire Integrated Platform Deployment Solution is scheduled to arrive on-site only when ready for installation. The parallel build paths could cut on-site install time by up to 50 percent. This means that you can complete more sites in the same amount of time without having to increase crew counts or staff at a reduced overall project cost.

A pre-assembled Integrated Platform Deployment Solution can be completely installed in less than a few hours. Plus, our robust quality inspections and methodical procedures produce a level of consistency that is beyond what can be typically achieved with field installs. CommScope has a vast portfolio of wireless network solutions to offer including steel products, cabinets, RF connectivity, in-house engineering and other services.

The CommScope Integrated Platform Deployment Solution can speed deployment and simplify installations while reducing CapEx and OpEx with standardized configurations and factory-assured quality. Check out this video to learn more, and leave me a comment with any questions.

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Jared Haines

Jared Haines is program manager for the Integrated Platform Deployment Solution program from CommScope, responsible for unifying multiple internal and external partners to provide the next generation methods of cell site architecture implementation. He has worked for CommScope and previously Andrew Systems, Inc. in positions of increasing responsibility including tower foreman, site supervisor, project manager and program manager. Jared holds a bachelor’s degree in public justice law from State University of New York College at Oswego.