Implementing LTE? We’ve Got an eBook for That

Phillip Sorrells - 11-5-13--thumb Philip Sorrells April 2, 2015

LTE-Best-Practices-coverOne of the best parts of my job is working with so many intelligent, creative professionals who deliver exceptional results across a number of fields—from wireless network design to product development and marketing. Occasionally we get to concentrate all that knowledge and creativity into something unique like our latest ebook, LTE Best Practices.

The second in CommScope’s ebook series, LTE Best Practices, is available now for free. It is filled with answers, tips and insights that will demystify LTE implementation complexity. LTE Best Practices will help network planners and designers address the unique requirements of LTE and help operators quickly realize a return on their investments.

CommScope has been intimately involved in nearly every major LTE roll-out from day one, learning side by side—and sometimes the hard way—with our network operator customers. The LTE Best Practices ebook is the result of those years of experience. It consolidates what we’ve learned across 10 subject areas including noise and interference mitigation, co-siting, passive intermodulation (PIM) avoidance, distributed antenna system (DAS) implementation, microwave backhaul, small cells and more. Each chapter includes real-world advice for equipment selection, environmental practices and network installation.

The LTE Best Practices ebook is available now, free of charge after a brief registration, and can be downloaded as an app on tablets and smartphones. It includes links to many other resources such as white papers and videos, which add to its value.

And we are not stopping there. This blog post is the first in a series we’re launching from each of the 10 ebook authors. Each will provide additional details about their areas of expertise, or expound on a related subject. Look for those blog posts to start in the next few weeks.

Are you in the midst of deploying LTE or expect to be deploying it soon? If so, then you need to check out this ebook. If you have any additional questions, leave me a comment. Otherwise, happy reading.

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Phillip Sorrells - 11-5-13--thumb

Philip Sorrells

Philip Sorrells is vice president of strategic marketing for CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. He is responsible for marketing strategy, linking key trends in the industry into marketing strategies for telecommunications networks.  Mr. Sorrells has 20 years of experience in the telecom industry with Allen Telecom, Andrew Corporation and CommScope, having spent 10 years prior with Texas Instruments. He has led the wireless industry in adopting many antenna system innovations—including remote electrical tilt (RET) technology for network optimization—and pioneering the concept of “agile networks,” which formed the basis for current initiatives in self-organizing networks. Mr. Sorrells has three patents related to antenna systems and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Texas Tech University.