India’s Busy Time of Year: Are Data Centers Ready?

Ashok Srinivasan1 Ashok Srinivasan June 11, 2017

Student_on_laptopApril to June is a critical time for many families in India with people taking exams, getting results, and planning a vacation. For each of these important activities, the network is somehow involved.


First, this is the time of the year when students across the country prepare and appear for high school exams. These exams decide their future academic direction. The network plays a vital role in helping students prepare through distance education, online videos, virtual classrooms, etc., for which there are many resources and organizations available.

Just to give a number perspective, in one Indian state there were over a million students who wrote Central Board of Secondary Education papers online. And across the country, 1.1 million students wrote entrance education papers online for the field of medicine, which is 41 percent higher than last year.


Students have the privilege of accessing their grades, choosing their colleges and deciding their academics right from their comfort zone—online.

Vacation Planning

Families are also planning their vacations. Online access helps people choose from a variety of available destinations, providing online booking and virtual tours.

Tourism in India is economically important and is growing rapidly. The World Travel and Tourism Council calculated that tourism generated $220 billion, or 9.6 percent, of the nation’s GDP in 2016. There is another reason why tourism is so vital to India -- it supports 40 million jobs, that’s almost 10 percent of its total employment.

This is the time of the year where Internet usage generally peaks for the above reasons. With more than 460 million Internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. It is estimated that by 2021, there will be nearly 636 million Internet users in India.

As the trend goes, accessing from mobile devices is on the rise compared to desktops. As more people start accessing the Internet through their mobile phones, mobile data usage is increasing every day.

Take a moment and think about the volume of data that is transferred in the above activity. Another critical factor is how fast the data can be presented. CommScope helps to build world-class data centers and building infrastructure for enterprise and service providers across the globe.

CommScope recently introduced the first phase of its High-Speed Migration platform, which assists data center managers build faster, more agile, high-density migration plants. We are quickly moving from 10- and 40-GbE to 100, 400-GbE and beyond. The more data consumers and network users need, the more services they expect and the more critical speed becomes. This is a global phenomenon and one of the top challenges that data center managers will face. To understand more of these strategies and the solutions which provide the necessary data rate with application assurance, please join us for this webinar on Friday, June 16. We’ll discuss strategies to prepare for the upcoming demand. Register now for this great event, and tell us in the comments what you’d like to hear.

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Ashok Srinivasan1

Ashok Srinivasan

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