Infrastructure Decisions: Know How to Make the Right Choice for the Future

When you are in construction, you must plan for the future. This is especially true with deploying network infrastructure and cabling. In this blog, Carlos Morrison Fell highlights a recent webinar he participated in with the NBASE-T Alliance explaining how you can deploy cabling that will support your building’s future data demands.

CommScope_NBASE_T_Alliance_webinarThis was originally posted on the NBASE-T Alliance’s website on Aug. 21, 2018.

Whether you are building a new office or staying put in your current location, everyone must allow for the future when it comes to cabling. The constant evolution of workplace practices and expectations means you must plan for power delivery, wireless mobility, distributed processing, and techniques to manage and optimize the facility. The work you do now is critical to enable your business to thrive.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope's Carlos Morrison Fell and the NBASE-T Alliance talk about ways to help the network support new business demands.


In a recent webinar, The Future Ready Design with NBASE-T Technology, Peter Jones, chairman, NBASE-T Alliance, and I discuss how today’s workplace technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and the set of trends impacting corporate LAN design. For your current buildings, we talk about ways to help the network support new business demands. For new installations, we talk through cabling standards and recommendations around NBASE-T and 4PPoE that provide the best long-term value to the business.

And for more technical information, check out the NBASE-T Performance and Cabling Guidelines white paper, co-authored by CommScope, describing the evaluation of cabling infrastructure for network owners and designers looking to implement NBASE-T technology.

Get ready for the future with smart choices for your infrastructure today. Help yourself say “Yes” to your users more often.

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