My colleague James Young recently authored a blog titled, “It’s Time To Line Up Behind Intelligent Building Infrastructure.” It in, James said, “Green buildings are forcing developers to think beyond capital cost, placing value and moral sway on building operating costs.”

Let’s face it, green energy is a “hot” issue. There are many discussions on how to deploy clean, renewable energy as well as conserve it. Deploying an intelligent building infrastructure is a great way to reduce overall energy costs in buildings and facilities. An intelligent building can monitor and control many things such as video surveillance, security systems, HVAC, communications and lighting.

And it is much more than just simply turning the lights on and off from one central location. An intelligent building can provide a holistic view of the built environment through its lighting system. Sensors in the lighting can be used to ensure that heating and cooling of a space occurs only when it is occupied, determine if conference rooms are available or assess how well space is being utilized, heated and cooled. All this data can provide facility managers with the ability to minimize overall building costs while enhancing employee and workspace productivity.

Recently, CommScope teamed up with Redwood Systems. By integrating Redwood’s lighting control network with CommScope’s Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solution platform, facility managers can deploy a complete intelligent platform that operates many different aspects of their buildings, including LED (light-emitting diodes) lighting that also assist in reducing energy cost.

CommScope’s collaboration with Redwood Systems demonstrates its continued push to develop and deploy intelligent energy efficient solutions in various telecommunications markets. It’s time to light up intelligent buildings the right way.

The following three videos highlight:


The CommScope/Redwood collaboration
How intelligent buildings harness technology and link building systems to supply more efficiency, higher productivity and increased comfort
• How Redwood Systems' platform helps customers save energy while creating a more comfortable and efficient workplace.

CommScope's Koen ter Linde, vice president, Enterprise sales, Europe, and Redwood Systems' Brent Boekestein, director, business development, discuss how intelligent buildings harness technology and link building systems to supply more efficiency, higher productivity and increased comfort.
Intelligent Buildings harness technology and link building systems in order to supply more efficiency, higher productivity and increased comfort. The global trend among innovative buildings is toward a comprehensive infrastructure solution that CommScope calls Intelligent Building Infrastructure Solutions or IBIS.
Redwood Systems' building-performance lighting platform.

Are you ready for these intelligent energy efficient solutions?



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