Welcome back to my second video sneak peak inside a communications enclosure. I gave you a little overview last time about what exactly is housed inside these metal boxes. Basically it is all the wonderful technology that is enabling broadband-speed Internet and video, whether wired or wireless.

One of the challenges service providers face when deploying that technology in the field is the thermal protection of their equipment. All electronic equipment generates heat. If the equipment is not kept at a constant optimal temperature, damage and/or decreased performance occur. The various ways of cooling electronics can vary greatly in terms of efficiency, operating costs, and environmental friendliness.

In this new video, we’ll take another look inside a CommScope cabinet to discuss the multiple ways we can help operators manage thermal cooling efficiently.

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Lindsay Allen

Lindsay Allen is director of strategic planning and marketing, Carrier and Cabinet Solutions, responsible for global product management of CommScope’s environmental secure enclosures for wireless and wireline networks. Prior to joining CommScope, Lindsay spent 13 years with General Instrument and Motorola in various marketing, strategy and business intelligence positions for numerous broadband access network technology product lines (cable modem CPE, VoIP CPE, digital cable headend and set-top boxes). In addition to his technical business roles with CommScope, Motorola, General Instrument, and Ampex, Lindsay brings more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Lindsay holds a BS in chemical engineering from University of Florida and an MBA from University of Central Florida.

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