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harvey_headshot Harvey Ng March 17, 2014

Spotless ImageOne of the most important aspects of keeping a company image positive is the ability to convey you are dependable. With this quality associated to your brand, you will have a better chance of people having no hesitance in buying your product or using your service.

That is especially true for businesses that rely on data centers to serve and support customers—which, by the way, is just about all significantly sized businesses! Most of us, as consumers, have experienced outages of some type, whether to a favorite online shopping site, to an internet service provider or email supplier, or other. Depending on the company and the outage severity, reaction from the public can be swift and harsh. Think about that—don’t you want to prevent things like that from happening within your organization or at least decrease the impact when something goes wrong?

Most server and data center downtime can be attributed to human error, and tracking down the faults can be timely and costly. CommScope’s imVision solution can help track down faults if they happen on the physical layer of your infrastructure. For example, imVision’s can inform you—in real time—when a patch cord has been inserted or removed from your system. If a tech removed something that he or she shouldn't have, imVision will email the network administrator and provide a detailed alert so they can resolve it in a timely manner. Another innovative feature involves notifying you when a critical device is down. Within the software, you can tag a device as ‘critical’. If the system sees it go offline, then an automatic notification is sent via email.

With the imVision solution in place, you can cut the mean time to resolution from hours to minutes. As with accidental downtime, the price tag of such outages can be very costly depending on the industry. There are many more advantages to using the imVision product—learn more at

If you have any questions about imVision and its ability to help save your organization’s image, leave a message below and I will be sure to respond.

How important is your company image?

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Harvey Ng

Harvey Ng is a Technical Manager for CommScope and is based in northern Ohio. Harvey has been working with CommScope’s intelligence solution “iPatch” for the past 4 years and has helped implement it at sites all around the United States. His biggest iPatch installation that he was involved in was the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium located in Arlington, TX. Harvey has BS in Business Administration as well as one in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Dallas.