Making the Switch: Coping with High Speed Migration

HJ Niethammer (2) Hans-Jürgen Niethammer June 15, 2017

HSM ArchitectureIt’s an accepted truth in the industry that data center bandwidth requirements are expected to increase 25 to 35 percent per year for the foreseeable future. Ready or not, that means high speed migration is here, and if you’re not in the middle of it now, you soon will be.

Switch speeds are the key. 40G ports supplying four 10G server connections are increasingly overwhelmed, which is the main reason data centers are making the move to 25G and 50G switches to keep up with demand.

There’s also a major shift in network architecture afoot, with the traditional three-layer topology giving way to spine-and-leaf topology better suited to virtualized and cloud-based applications that demand low latency and increased speed. It’s a massive revolution in architecture—and you can learn more about in CommScope’s new white paper, “Data center High Speed Migration: Infrastructure issues, trends, drivers and recommendations.” I recommend it to anyone responsible for managing data center infrastructure; you can download it here.

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It’s not easy to keep up with all the evolutions in architecture, technologies and standards, and there’s much more to discuss than I could ever fit in a simple blog post. That’s why I’d like to invite you to attend my upcoming webinars. The second one, taking place on June 28, directly relates to this topic but you may be interested in the other topics as well. If you’d like to know more, I encourage you toview the replay.

  • 21 June: Ethernet and Fibre Channel application roadmap; DC Design standard EN 50600 requirements
  • 28 June: High speed Migration Strategy: Architectures and Benefits
  • 5 July: Data Centers Architectures for Virtualized Central Offices

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HJ Niethammer (2)

Hans-Jürgen Niethammer

Hans-Jürgen Niethammer is a leading authority on data centre and central office architectures. As a member of several German, European and International standards organizations, Hans-Jürgen provides valuable guidance to global networking industries in date centre design, fibre-optic infrastructure and automated infrastructure management, among other fields. Hans-Jürgen has been an important part of CommScope for 23 years, and is currently responsible for EMEA market development. His specializations are designing concepts and developing solutions for wireless service providers, helping them overcome today’s challenges and anticipating tomorrow’s.