Managing Power over Ethernet with imVision

Need to power IoT devices? You probably have looked into Power over Ethernet. But how can you manage those connections efficiently? CommScope’s imVision can help as explained in this video blog by Jason Bautista.

Connectivity is only half of the Internet of Things (IoT) puzzle; these devices also need power. One way to accomplish this is with Power over Ethernet (PoE). This technology is being used to remotely power hundreds of millions of devices over the same cable that provides network connectivity. Keeping track of these devices and making sure the network can support and power them is becoming more difficult as more devices are brought online.

Connectivity in the building is increasingly important, and IT managers are always looking for ways to drive more value out of their wired infrastructure. Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM) systems like imVision have been developed to manage end-to-end connectivity in the building. To see how CommScope enhanced our imVision system to also manage PoE, check out my new video and this description of features.