Merry X’mas Gen Z: I hope you like your present

Remember when a Lego® set was the best Christmas present ever? Navin Vohra blogs about how CommScope is helping network operators deliver the best holiday present for today’s Always-On generation.

GenZ_ReportI think Christmas is one of the most anticipated festivities of the year, whether you’re an adult or kid. For me, it is endless merrymaking, shopping and feasting. For my kids, there is only one big question, “What do I want from Santa Claus this Christmas?”

During my childhood, a Lego® set was the best gift Santa ever brought us. However, this changed in 2010 when Apple started the tablet revolution. Apple’s iPad became the most wanted tech Christmas gift for both the adults and savvy youth. As technology continues to develop, there’s an even wider range of tech gifts to choose from – Amazon Echo, GoPro Camera, Nintendo Switch, Fitbit Smartwatch, etc. The list is endless.

CLICK TO TWEET: Access to the internet impacts everything from who Gen Z socialize with, to the products they buy or where they go on vacation.

Technology innovation has created a virtualized space where Gen Z, people between the ages of 13-22, engage, making them smarter, more effective and more connected. They want their connections to work well and quickly. Smartphones, the devices of choice, are always close by and within reach. Their lives basically reside in the digital world – things such as connecting with friends via the various social media platforms, shopping, playing games, watching movies and enjoying music.

This Always-On Generation is hyperconnected. In fact, 63 percent of them say it would be extremely difficult to live without their smartphone, according to ‘The Generation Z: Study of Tech Intimates,’ a survey which includes participants in eight of the world’s largest cities.

At CommScope, one of the world’s biggest network infrastructure companies, we understand that staying connected is a core part of how they live their lives. Access to the internet impacts everything from who they socialize with, to the products they buy or where they go on vacation.

Looking at these trends, my team and I have been preparing the coolest Christmas present for Gen Z. We are laying the technology foundation which enables network operators around the world to prepare for increased bandwidth, lower latency requirements, additional capacity and faster network deployments.

So what does this mean for the Gen Z? This means that their insatiable demand for faster internet speeds could be met. To top it off, they could enjoy faster internet speeds on-the-go with better connectivity and reliability.

I hope you like the present we are preparing for you, Gen Zers. Merry Christmas from CommScope.

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