More Growth Leads to More Opportunity

Morgan Kurk--thumbnail Morgan Kurk April 26, 2019

19_tech_installerThese are exciting times for CommScope. Now that we finalized the ARRIS acquisition, the technology and business opportunities that are in front of us are tremendous.

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We believe the new CommScope will provide additional value and benefit to our customers through an integration of technologies that create better solutions. We also have a lot of smart people joining our research and development (R&D) team, which makes me very happy.

Our goal is to accelerate the speed that we develop products, leading to a competitive advantage for our customers.

In this video, I highlight how CommScope plans to maximize our R&D investment as our innovators unlock the potential of our customers’ networks.

About the Author

Morgan Kurk--thumbnail

Morgan Kurk

Morgan Kurk is executive vice president and chief technology officer for CommScope, a global leader in infrastructure solutions for communications networks. Mr. Kurk was promoted to this position upon the close of the ARRIS acquisition in 2019. He previously served as CommScope’s executive vice president and chief operating officer.

Mr. Kurk has nearly 25 years of experience in the information and communication technology industries. He joined CommScope as senior vice president of the Enterprise business unit, then served as senior vice president and segment leader for the Mobility business, then as CommScope’s CTO, with overall responsibility for the company’s long-term vision and strategic direction, before finally assuming the role of COO.

He previously was an executive at Allen Telecom, which later became part of Andrew Corporation, and ultimately CommScope. At Allen Telecom and Andrew Corporation, Mr. Kurk held a variety of positions including director of business development in the United States and China; vice president of R&D, PLM, and strategy; and vice president and general manager of the Wireless Innovations Group worldwide.

Mr. Kurk holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Brown University, a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and an expert in system integration.