Navigating fiber polarity

Ever drive behind someone who doesn’t know how a roundabout or traffic circle works? It’s frustrating. And that’s how it goes if the fiber polarity in your network is off. Our Jessica Epley shows us a solution that could help keep it on the straight and narrow.

Roundabout 360x203Roundabouts – or traffic circles – have been around since the early 1900s. Yet, it seems some people still have trouble navigating them. The whole purpose is to keep traffic moving without a lot of stops and starts. Believe it or not, that’s how fiber polarity works.

It can still be complex and confusing, and over the years there have been many solutions to keeping it straight. CommScope has found that Method B Enhanced is the best choice of them all. Method B helps keep fiber polarity simple no matter how complex the link. As a recommended approach for parallel or multi-channel links, Method B Enhanced helps seamlessly connect every module, cassette, adapter and fanout cable, ensuring proper polarity with virtually any combination of components.

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Method B Enhanced can also support both multimode and singlemode applications and is part of CommScope's High Speed Migration platform. Backed by CommScope's unique Application Assurance, Method B Enhanced will simplify operations, speed design and deployment and enable ultra-low-loss performance and topology independence that your data center needs.

Check out our Method B Enhanced video below to learn more about how this offering can help make upgrading your network as simple as possible. If only navigating roundabouts was this easy!