New Year, New House?

The phrase, “new year, new you” is usually used with everything like dieting, self-care and hair color. But what if it had to do with getting your house in shape? Like “new year, new house?”

Smart Tech in Home 360x203We’re hearing it a lot these days – “new year, new you.” This phrase comes into play with everything from dieting, self-care and hair color to a new job. But what if it had to do with getting your house in shape? Like “new year, new house?”

It’s not too far-fetched. Marie Kondo is making a name for herself these days with her show all about getting people to de-clutter their abodes. As far as fitness goes, your house is getting more in shape – and more connected – than you might realize.

Treadmills and stationary bikes are now equipped with Bluetooth and wifi. You can “race” other people or plug into your home’s streaming service while you run. Fitbits do the same thing. Furthermore, when you cook your new healthy recipes, you can “talk” to your stove, which will tell you the ingredients you need, at what heat level to cook and what to put on your grocery list for next time.

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It’s amazing how technology can help you achieve your goals. The biggest enabler of cutting-edge technology in your home is your broadband connectivity. Beyond today’s capabilities, service providers will need gigabit speeds to support emerging and future applications. A whole host of solutions is needed to achieve gigabit performance levels at home.

For example, hardened plug-and-play fiber connectivity solutions make it quick and efficient to bring new service to homes, while supporting the higher bandwidth residents demand. Installers need training and expertise to be efficient in their work.

As we begin 2019, perhaps it’s time to resolve to make sure our houses are “fit” to keep up with the demand we know is coming. As one person once told me, no one is saying they wish their TV downloaded a show a little slower. It’s all about speed and being ready for what’s next – like a Marie Kondo robot that will do all that de-cluttering for you. Wouldn’t that be great?