Can blogs have birthdays?  What the heck—sure they can!  Happy 1st Birthday to CommScopeBlogs!!

One year ago we introduced our blog as a way to exchange information, advice and deep thoughts with our readers.  After 136 posts and an ever-increasing number of followers, we are ready to begin Year Two.  Thank you so much for your loyal following and interest in what we’ve had to share.

Unfortunately, we don’t have balloons, goody bags, cake and ice cream to share with you today.  Instead you will have to be content with our ongoing commitment to keep conversing right here about issues that matter to you.  In Year Two, I invite you to be a contributor to the blog via the comments section.  We welcome your input and suggestions.

Why not start today?  At the very least, you can extend a birthday greeting to the blog.

I’m withholding the blog’s birthday gift until it gets at least 20 greetings.


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Rick Aspan

Rick Aspan, APR, is vice president of Corporate Communications at CommScope. A former journalist, he has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications functions in the telecom, internet and networking industries at companies such as MCI, Ameritech and Tellabs.

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20 comments for "Our Baby Blog Turns One"
Dan Panattoni

Happy Birthday, CommScope Blog. Keep up the good work.

Crystal Thomas

Yeah!! Great job to Rick, Adriane and your teams and all the bloggers!!

Lana Brown

Happy 1st Birthday :-) Blog

Frank Yang

Happy birthday! The blog is one of my happy readings. Way to go!

Ricardo Daizem

Happy birthday from Brazil!

Sam Zhao

6th greeting from Shanghai, China. Start from 2010-10-10?

Rick Aspan

Thanks Dan! We appreciate the support from the great folks at Anixter.

Rick Aspan

Thanks Crystal. We appreciate your help, too!

Rick Aspan

The blog says thanks, Lana!

Rick Aspan

And we appreciate your posts, Frank. Keep it up!

Rick Aspan

Thanks Brazil! And you, too, Ricardo.

Rick Aspan

Hi Sam: Yes, interesting date!


Happy Birthday directly from Indonesia...

Adel Obeid

Happy birthday from Dubai :)

Francois Kull

Happy Birthday! These interesting information are always highly appreciated.

Rick Aspan

Glad to hear from Indonesia....thanks!

Rick Aspan

Hi Adel: Thanks for checking in!

Bill Walter

Happy birthday, CommScope blog! You are very informative!

Fiona Barry

Happy 1st Birthday to the CommScope blog. Thanks for all the excellent content so far

Elowra Khan

Happy Birthday to CommScope blog!

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