Pixie dust and 5G

It’s not every day that an FCC Commissioner pays a visit to your facility to understand more about how your company plays a role in the path to 5G. CommScope was honored to host Commissioner Brenden Carr on a recent trip to Texas and showed off our manufacturing facility.

2019_FCC_TourUS FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is passionate about winning the race to 5G. He understands what it takes for service providers to get a network up and running. That enthusiasm was shared with the attendees at NATE UNITE 2019 in Grapevine, Texas. Commissioner Carr gave the opening keynote talking about the need to speed up 5G deployments.

CLICK TO TWEET: Contrary to popular belief, smartphones and IoT devices do not run on pixie dust. Check out this vlog featuring FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr.

He knows firsthand the issues and challenges the industry faces because he visits the companies that are intimately involved in all aspects of building out the 5G infrastructure.

For example, during his visit to Texas he explored a new tower training school, checked out a rural fiber deployment, visited a telemedicine provider and toured CommScope’s manufacturing plant in Euless.

I had the opportunity to interview Commissioner Carr during his visit and we had a few laughs over the idea that our smartphones and IoT gadgets all work on pixie dust.

You can learn more about Commissioner Carr’s visits around the country by following him on Twitter. And we would love to hear your thoughts on the path to 5G. Leave us a comment below.