Press for Progress: Change starts with awareness and action

Doctors, lawyers, CEOs, engineers, pilots and presidents. What do they have in common? Women around the world hold these roles. Hear what CommScope women from around the world have to say about International Women’s Day and the movement to #PressforProgress.

2018_New_IWD_360x203I am a huge fan of DC Comics and Marvel Comics so my latest binge was watching the Flash on Netflix. The most fascinating episodes were the ones where Flash time travels to the past and future as well as to multiple universes. In each realm, the roles that women play are as diverse and unique as the writers of the program can imagine.

CLICK TO TWEET: In celebration of International Women's Day 2018, hear what some CommScope employees have to say about #PressforProgress.

When I think about the roles that women play in the real world – not the fantasy of Central City where Flash lives – I get excited thinking about the progress that women have made throughout the years. But one of the challenges facing women today is not resting on the success of those women that helped to change our history, but to #PressforProgress, which is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day.

I sat down with a few of my colleagues at CommScope to get their thoughts about International Women’s Day. Being around these strong, confident women makes me want to work even harder to make my mark in the world.

What are you doing today to #PressforProgress?