Questions to Ask When Designing a Data Center

Let’s face it, you just don’t just build a data center. There are so many questions that one must ask before you design the right data center for you network. James Donovan has a question for you, are you asking the right questions? In this blog, he highlights some of the important questions you should be asking when designing a new data center.

2018_CommScope_DataCenterThere is no doubt that the data center is the heart of any network operations, pumping the lifeblood (i.e., data) to and from users, storage devices and the worldwide web. The issues and trends surrounding data center infrastructure technology have been widely written about and explored in other CommScope and industry blog posts, covering areas such as the importance of effective management, the focus on efficiency, density and migration strategies.

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However, when considering a new data center, the same initial basic questions remain to be answered:

  1. Where should the data center be located?
  2. How big should it be?
  3. How much power consumption can be expected?
  4. What is the uptime target?
  5. What are the technologies to use?
  6. How should the data center be laid out?
  7. How long is the life span?

At first these may seem easy as they have all been answered before, right? But the answers will also result in their own set of questions.

  1. Should we continue to use the same solutions and architectures?
  2. Space is already tight; what higher density options are available?
  3. What are the distance limitations for expected applications?
  4. What new standards do I need to be aware of, and how do I migrate to them?

Data center infrastructure design is significantly different to that of traditional structured cabling design for buildings and campuses. Even an experienced designer will need to familiarize themselves with data center specific standards, architectures and technologies. Integrating diverse technologies, combining different cabling types, and above all, making sure that the whole system performs reliably, creates a set of complex tasks. Critical issues that need to be addressed include:

  1. What is the network architecture that best serves my needs?
  2. How much network capacity and speed do I need?
  3. How can I plan for migration to new technology in the future?
  4. What are the trade-offs between expense and performance?
  5. Which media do I use (copper or fiber), and where?

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What other questions have you asked when designing a data center?