Shaping the Always-on Networks of Tomorrow

The new CommScope will shape the communications networks of the future. In this vlog, CommScope’s CFO Alexander Pease explains how.

19-Always_On_EngineerWith the acquisition of ARRIS earlier this month, CommScope has expanded its global leadership positions and accelerated its aim to help shape communications networks of the future.

CLICK TO TWEET: In this blog, Alex Pease explains how the new CommScope is shaping the always-on networks of tomorrow.

Through our expanded end-to-end infrastructure capabilities, we are striving to deliver a customer experience that is unmatched in the industry. We are doubling the size of our addressable markets, providing more ways to shape the always-on networks of tomorrow.

Industry trends (i.e., network convergence, fiber and mobility everywhere, 5G and fixed wireless access, Internet of Things and changing technology architectures) will provide compelling long-term opportunities for the new CommScope. Our industry has been seeking an industrial-strength solution that spans the enterprise, the home, and everywhere in between.

In this video, I explain how CommScope will explore new ways to enhance the capabilities we provide.