Small Cells Have a New Home on the Web

The acquisition of Airvana expanded CommScope’s leadership and capabilities in providing indoor wireless capacity and coverage. Today, all of Airvana’s product material is now available on Josh Adelson, director of product marketing, explains where you can find relevant material in this blog post.

CommScope acquired small cell pioneer Airvana in October 2015, creating a comprehensive portfolio of indoor wireless solutions. That solutions portfolio has now come together on the web, too. Today, all CommScope small cell and distributed antenna system (DAS) product and support information is fully integrated on the CommScope website. To mark the occasion, we’ve created a new video, Cell Virtualization with OneCell.

People always ask about our OneCell Cloud RAN (C-RAN) small cell architecture. That’s why we created the new “What are C-RAN Small Cells” web page to answer all those questions. Visitors to the CommScope web site will find information about OneCell C-RAN Small Cells, our S1000 LTE-plus-Wi-Fi small cells for small and medium business locations, and the Device Management System (DMS) which provides wireless operators with a comprehensive small cell management solution. Customers will also find the new contact information for technical support.

Lately there’s been a lot of buzz around cell virtualization, the proto-5G technique designed to squeeze more capacity out of a fixed amount of spectrum. Our new Cell Virtualization with OneCell video explains how this ground-breaking technique redefines the wireless network by dynamically creating dynamic “virtual cells” every millisecond for every resource block. Cell Virtualization has already been a finalist for many prestigious wireless industry awards, including winning the most competitive category of the Small Cell Forum Awards: small cell technology innovation.

With all this information, like the OneCell Explainer Video, integrated on the CommScope website, we have closed the Airvana website. Existing links are automatically redirected to the most relevant section of

Is there other information that can help you understand or use small cell products more effectively? I’d love to hear from you about it. Please use the comment section below.