What would you do if all of your neighbors had access to your garage, with the ability to enter and, at any time, take anything out.

In talking with a network manager for a hospital facility this week, he told me that multiple entities within the hospital had access to his network closets and could go in at any time. The closets house the floor-serving LAN access switches.  So what happens when someone pulls a patch cord from a switch in the closet? Or just as important, adds a patch cord to provide service to a device on the floor? How would you know what happened, when it happened and who caused it?

Intelligence in your infrastructure gives you the ability to be proactively notified when there’s a change in your cabling infrastructure, such as whenever someone adds or removes a patch cord in a closet. The notification will alert you to which patch cord was removed, from which switch port and patch panel port, along with the time it happened. That’s the “what” and “when,” but how do we know the “who?”

The CommScopeIntelligent Infrastructure Solution enables you to integrate IP surveillance cameras into it. When a patch cord is added or removed, a camera mounted in the closet is automatically activated and images of the scene are recorded and sent to the network or security departments.  Not only that, if an IP device is plugged into the port that was patched, the system will also tell you the real-time location of the device on the floor.

Back to your garage, wouldn’t it be nice to get a snap shot of someone coming into your garage and “borrowing” a hammer?

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Nathan Benton is CommScope’s vice president of technical sales and leads a team of directors providing technical support to the regional managers, sales teams, business partners, and end users. Before joining CommScope, Nathan worked as a WAN design engineer for Verizon Business and project manager for a CommScope Business Partner. He received his Masters of Science Degree in Business IT with an Information Assurance Specialty from Walsh College. Nathan is active in BICSI, serving as a member of the Registrations Credentials Supervision Committee and chair of the Electronic Safety and Security Subcommittee.

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