Stop Outside Disturbances in Your Network Today

Daniel Daems Daniel Daems February 17, 2017

This blog post is part of a new video blog series—Fiber Friday. Our subject matter experts will provide you with some insight into the world of fiber optics, covering various industry topics.

Here is a tip—you need a stable network. You do not need anything from the outside disturbing your signal. Remember the days when you turned on your television and you didn’t get a good signal because of the weather? You didn’t like it then, and subscribers expect better service from their service operators today.

In this video blog, I explain how proper cable management can maintain your network and transmission stability, thus ensuring your customers’ satisfaction.

About the Author

Daniel Daems

Daniel Daems

Daniel Daems is a principal engineer and a senior R&D department manager with CommScope. He has experience in managing a state of the art optical test laboratory and expertise in fiber optic technology cable infrastructure and networks. Before coming to CommScope, Daems spent time at Tyco Electronics and Raychem.