Stop Unlimited Bends in Your Fiber Network Today

Did you know that deploying bend insensitive fibers doesn’t mean your network will be error free? These fibers must be installed correctly and checked to make sure that too much bend is not interfering with the signal. In this Fiber Friday vlog, Daniel Daems explains how uncontrolled and sharp bends must be limited to maintain the stability in your fiber network.

This blog post is part of a new video blog series—Fiber Friday. Our subject matter experts will provide you with some insight into the world of fiber optics, covering various industry topics.

The introduction of bend insensitive fibers made the fiber-to-the-home network stand up and take notice. These fibers eliminated a lot of optical concerns; however, mechanical reliability and stability must still be maintained. So, how do you make your fiber network more stable?

In this blog, I explain how too many sharp bends for an extended period of time can cause interference to your network’s stability.