Support Your Data Network Before “IT Happens”

Joe Livingston 2012 Joe Livingston February 28, 2013

Thirty-four minutes can seem like an eternity…just ask the engineers that scrambled in New Orleans to restore power during the Super Bowl. Fortunately, spectator and player safety was not at risk; however, with only emergency back-up lighting; escalators, credit card machines, and likely other service-related equipment were inoperable. An estimated 108.4 million television viewers were also impacted. An investigation determined a relay device caused the blackout.New Orleans was optimistic that the game would prove to the world that it fully recovered from recent natural disasters while also reviving its tourist industry.

Good thing in-building and data center networks aren’t as high-visibility or directly impact your company’s revenue generation (by the way, that was sarcasm).

Think what a 34-minute data network outage could do to your company. Ask yourself:

  • How will my IT team react?

  • How will we troubleshoot the problem, locate it and fix it?

  • How long will it take to find the issue?

  • How much financial damage will my company sustain?

  • How long will it take my company to repair its tarnished image?

  • How many bosses will I have to answer to, after sanity is restored?

  • How can I prevent it from happening again?

“IT Happens”

How you prepare for your “Big Game” supporting your data network every day before “IT happens” will help determine how you answer all of the above questions. CommScope’s imVision® solution can provide real-time vision into your data network’s physical layer. When “IT happens,” you’ll only be a few clicks away from locating the cause—with real-time information (including physical location), allowing you to quickly fix the problem.

If preparing for “IT” before you drop the ball in your “Big Game” interests you, then it might be time you are covered with the fumble-insurance protection that imVision can provide.

About the Author

Joe Livingston 2012

Joe Livingston

Joe Livingston is the regional technical sales manager for the North Region, supporting CommScope Enterprise Solutions. During his 10 years with CommScope, Joe has served in a number of engineering roles. Prior to joining CommScope, he worked as a product manufacturing engineer for Optical Switch Corporation and held multiple positions at Raytheon/TI Defense Systems. Joe earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Tennessee. He also holds several U.S. patents.