Technology, Intelligence, Energy - Three words that probably best sum up the key challenges and opportunities for network infrastructures, whether they are wired or wireless.  As with most things in life today, it is all about the money. However the real opportunity is to find solutions, even if they cost a little more on day one, that can reap rewards that far exceed any extra paid.

It is clear that networks need to be ready and smarter to support all the smart devices, tablets, homes, data centers and video connected…all at once.

Networks need to be dynamic enough to stay ahead of the intelligence (management, monitoring, security) curves in the road and in the cloud.

And networks need to be powered efficiently enough to deliver the bandwidth to empower communication around the world…cost effectively.

In the midst of hard financial times around the world, it is still an exciting—yet challenging—time in our industry. There are opportunities…if we can overcome the challenges. This video highlights these challenges, opportunities and the potential for solutions.

Right now millions of people around the world are texting, tweeting, messaging, and posting…downloading apps, books, and music…uploading videos and photos…managing the business of life at home, at work, and on the go…sharing content, knowledge, and hope…and in some countries, enjoying access to networked communication for the first time.

It’s all made possible by the networks you build. At any given moment, these networks help people, businesses, and governments across the globe operate, expand, and connect.

What is the future of our industry in terms of bandwidth, technology, energy, and intelligence?  How will things change/have they changed already? What opportunities will it bring for all of us? And what challenges will we face on the way there?

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James Donovan

James Donovan is Vice President of the CommScope Infrastructure Academy. James joined CommScope in 1993 and has held positions in Sales, Technical, Marketing, Training and Business Development and served most recently as VP of Digital and Creative Services for CommScope. James oversees the CommScope Infrastructure Academy, which is CommScope’s partner and customer training platform. Prior to joining the company, he held positions at GEC, ITT and Alcatel. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and a BSc Honors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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