Technology is always changing.  Wow, now that’s a revelation!  OK, you already know that first-hand.  But how well do you know how to manage all that changing technology?

Every new innovation, connected device, and upgraded consumer technology adds complexity, bandwidth demand and operational expense to a network. Traditional approaches to network management simply aren’t up to the challenges any longer. Today, managing bandwidth efficiently requires new ways of thinking, planning and investing in technology.

And that’s where you can rely on CommScope.  In fact, we recommend five questions you should ask before investing in new technology to address bandwidth demands on your network.  Those questions, and a lot more, can be found in The Advisor, CommScope’s new industry report on technology, intelligence and energy issues for communication networks.

The Advisor is a quarterly report designed to help you choose the right technology, leverage the value of network intelligence and manage energy more efficiently. This will prepare your network for any challenge and every opportunity. In the inaugural issue, we explore the overall impact of the three most critical factors on your network’s performance and efficiency—technology, intelligence and energy. Future issues will delve more deeply into specific challenges you’ll face in each of these areas and provide insight and strategies to help you succeed.  We hope you enjoy this issue and others to come.  Let us know how we can address any future topics relating to technology, intelligence and energy, too.

For more than 75 years, our customers have trusted CommScope to provide the advice and insights necessary to help them make strategic decisions regarding their networks and their businesses. We relish that hard-earned role.  How can we help you with your network challenges?

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Rick Aspan

Rick Aspan, APR, is vice president of Corporate Communications at CommScope. A former journalist, he has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications functions in the telecom, internet and networking industries at companies such as MCI, Ameritech and Tellabs.

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