The world is full of good stories. People tell them in books, through conversation and across the Internet.  A good storyteller tends to be popular, someone who is interesting and full of life.  Good companies are like that, too.

The new CommScope brand initiative launched this week will help us tell our story to you better than ever.  And there is a lot to the CommScope story.  Our new brand will better reflect the energy, capabilities, and leadership that CommScope provides every day in serving a vast array of customers. We have tremendous opportunities ahead with industry-leading infrastructure solutions, unique global capabilities, trusted partners, and outstanding customer relationships. The introduction of our new corporate identity helps us tell a more unified story with clarity to each of you across the many markets and geographies we serve.

At CommScope, we embrace our role as a trusted resource, partner, and facilitator.  We are fully invested in our customers’ efforts to operate the best networks possible, helping people connect and businesses function.  Throughout the world, our customers accomplish great things, and we are proud to be part of their networks and their success stories.

CommScope has a rich and cherished history—a story unto itself—with roots tracing back to the formation of the cable television infrastructure, the first wireless networks, and the networking of the first data centers and intelligent buildings.  Today, corporate LANs, cell phone networks, the Internet, on-demand cable TV, and other advanced networking applications all depend on technology we’ve developed.  Now our customers will experience our brand consistently across continents—the same integrity, honesty, and reliability we’ve displayed for years, only now with a fresh burst of energy, color and, yes, a story that only can come from the power of a unified, integrated CommScope.

So take a look around at our new colors, new logo, and fresh look.  Hope you like our story.  Tell us what you think.

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Rick Aspan

Rick Aspan, APR, is vice president of Corporate Communications at CommScope. A former journalist, he has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications functions in the telecom, internet and networking industries at companies such as MCI, Ameritech and Tellabs.

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