Global companies such as CommScope are used to the plethora of holidays that are observed by its employees.  Some, such as New Year’s Day, are universal.  Others are more country or region specific.

Thanksgiving, observed in the US on the fourth Thursday of every November, is one such example.  Many Americans consider it their favorite and most meaningful holiday.  (And not just because it creates a rare four-day weekend that also kicks off the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season!)

But one thing I’ve learned over the years from my many co-workers and business associates from outside of the US is that although they don’t officially observe Thanksgiving like the Americans do, it serves as a sort of holiday for them, too. Especially for folks who work for US-based companies.

Why?  Because of that aforementioned four-day weekend in which most of corporate America shuts down.  I’m told that the Thanksgiving break means no conference calls, email flurries, meeting requests and last-minute project updates.  The US turns relatively silent for a couple of days.

Hmm, so maybe Thanksgiving IS a pleasant holiday outside the US…..but just for entirely different reasons!  If you work outside the US, is that true?

Tell us how you enjoy the quiet time during the US Thanksgiving break.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all.


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Rick Aspan

Rick Aspan, APR, is vice president of Corporate Communications at CommScope. A former journalist, he has more than 25 years of experience in corporate communications functions in the telecom, internet and networking industries at companies such as MCI, Ameritech and Tellabs.

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2 comments for "Thanksgiving—Whose Holiday Is It?"

We wish all our colleagues in the US Happy Thanksgiving. I must definitely say that in Asia it is business as usual.All our conference calls are on - the sales team is out there winning projects supported by the rest of the team.There is no 'quiet' time.

Francois Kull

I wish to all my dear colleagues of CommScope a happy Thanksgiving-Day. Enjoy an excellent Turkey and have a good start in a peaceful Advent.

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